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Pub in Vilnius

If you are a student, fresh out of school or a traveller looking to experience something awesome in Vilnius pub - look no more! Mr. Pub - one of the cool bars in Vilnius is located right in the heart of the city. We have loads of cheap drinks, various games, guys, girls and of course sports tournaments. What else can you need in a bar in Vilnius?


We have a wide variety of live beer, bottled beer, and even beer in cocktails and rank as one of the top Pubs in Vilnius Lithuania. Also, together with cheap beer, we offer the usual cocktails for those who desire some elegance and refreshment. Of course, for the party-goers, we have plenty of shots to let yourself free.


If you happen to stumble upon the best pubs in Vilnius on a summer season, you can enjoy your night bar on a terrace with plenty of moonlight.


When you think about sports bars in Vilnius, you will always find Mr.Pub at the top of your head. All the sports fans gather here for live sports events broadcasts and wildly cheer for their teams. Obviously cheap drinks make it all worthy and add this extra spice to every single game.


If you decide that you wish to have a private event with your friends, we can easily rent out the whole place at a particular cost. 


We are open every day from 17:00 until the early morning.

Since society is more educated on health issues and responsible drinking, we offer activities and discounts to make one of the top bars in Vilnius more interesting. If you decide to have an exciting night out, you can easily participate in our events.


We offer

  • brain battles (happens every Wednesday at 19:00),

  • beer pong tournaments,

  • various board games.

It keeps your mind away from stress, allows you to calm down and fully experience the moment with your chosen alcoholic beverage. Our bar in Vilnius has the best discount offers ever.


First and the most extraordinary one is painting trade. When you bring a painting to our bar, you can trade it for a free mug of beer.


Or you can tag along with your four other friends, order them cocktails and get the 5th entirely free for yourself. If you are honest friends, you can come to one of the best pubs in Vilnius regularly and take turns on the complimentary cocktail. 


Mr. Pub Beer Pong tournaments on Thursday


on Wednesdays 19h.

Come with your friends and beat everyone else!


Come hang out with your friends and play board games!


Trade your paintings for beer!

More information at bar.




Gedimino pr. 2A


+370 6835 1561


17:00 - 04:00


17:00 - 06:00


17:00 - 04:00




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